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Mr. Carver: Calculus, Algebra I, Advanced Math, Transition to College Math

Mr. Farina: Physics, AstronomyChemistry

Mr. Hall: Algebra I, Algebra IICollege Math

Mr. Hamer:, College Prep I, English 9, English 11

Mrs. Harless: Keyboarding 8, Computer Applications I, , Keyboarding - I  - II  PeriodicalTechnologies

Ms. Hecker: French I, French II, French III, English 12, College Prep II, English 10, English 10 Pacing Guide, English 12 Pacing Guide,  French I Pacing Guide, French II Pacing Guide

Ms. Koppert: Geometry, Pre-AlgebraAlgebra2

Ms. Linger: Language Arts 8, Art I, Art II, Art III, Art IV

Ms. Mahoney: PE I, PE IIHealth

Mrs. McKown: Social Studies 8, Senior Government, Sociology

Mr. Miller: Band, General Music

Mr. Saunders ResourceAmHist  ResourceBio  ResourceEng10  ResourceEng9  ResourceGovt  ResourceLangArts8  ResourceMath1  ResourceMath2  ResourcePhyScience  ResourceWorldHistory

Mr. Spitler: Industrial Technology 8, Construction I, Construction II, Manufacturing I, Manufacturing II

Mr. Staab: Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III, Spanish IV

Mr. Steiner: Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Honors Biology, Marine Science

Mr. Thome: American History 10, World History 9, Psychology

Mrs. Warner: Healthy Living I, Healthy Living II, Foods With Flare, Designing Your Future, Child Development   MoneySmarts

Mrs. Weikel: Physical Science 9, Integrated Science 8

Mr. Wolf: Agricultural Science I, Agricultural Science II, Agricultural Science III, Agricultural Business, Agricultural Business Co-Op