Lucas Local Schools District Forms

You can fill out the applications using Adobe Acrobat 


  1. When filling out the forms always use CAPITALS for readability.
  2. The Tab Key will move you from input field to input field.
  3. Do not use the enter key while filling out the form.
  4. If you have too many characters for one input line, tab to the next line (such as address or item description) or attach a note if you can't complete the information in the space given.
  5. You may see small yellow "sticky notes" double click on them for a description or directions for a particular item or input field.
  6. If acrobat reader starts but the form does not appear on the screen click on the reload or refresh button.

Request for Requisition

Please fill outALLthe fields in the form that apply.  When you are finished with the form, high light the the grand total field and delete it.  Then click outside of the grand total field to force it to recalculate the total. This will insure that the total is correct.         If the req. file needs to be increased in size. The keystroke combination ctrl+1 will make the req. full size

Please fill out ALL the fields in the form that apply.   

Facility use Application

Fixed Asset Form

Expense Reimbursement Form in PDF Format       Expense Reimbursement Form in Word Format

Athletic / Band Bus Request

Field Trip Application

Accident Report

Movie Request

Coaching Application

Maintenance Building Check Form 

Academic Booster Grant Application


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