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April, 2019

During the Board meeting of March 5th, the Board voted to release for bidding the projects for the summer months of 2019.  The notice to Bidders can be found here:


March 5, 2019

During the Board meeting of March 5th, the Board voted to release for bidding the projects for the summer months of 2019.  Those projects will be:  Masonry repair at the high school, asphalt repair and chip/seal district-wide, replacement of the visitors bleachers at Bob Wine field, and investigate the water infiltration of the gym floor in the middle school.  Once the bids have been received, the Board will review and should select the contractors to perform these projects during the May board meeting scheduled for May 7, 2019.

Mr. Colman of Garmann/Miller provided a brief update on the Master Planning process.  Discussions and options continue t be exchanged with the OFCC in Columbus.  It is estimated that any results from this process won't be available to the district until the end of May at the earliest.


February 5, 2019

During the Board meeting of February 5th, the Board received an update from Mr. Colman of Garmann/Miller:  The summer projects were discussed as well as a status on the Master Planning process.  For the summer projects, they will focus on repairing the masonry on the Southeast corner of the High School as well as other areas that may require tuck pointing and caulking.  Also during the summer, they recommend working on some asphalt repairs, paving, and sealcoating district-wide.  Another summer project will be in the Middle School gymnasium to determine where the infiltration of water is occurring and how to repair.  The last summer project that was discussed is the replacement of the visitor bleachers at Bob Wine Field football stadium.  Estimates for these summer projects should be available at the March Board meeting and if the Board is in agreement, we should then have the bids available for award at the May meeting.


The update on the Master Planning was that process is ongoing and there have been discussions with the OFCC in Columbus and data has been exchanged.  This process is quite lengthy and takes a considerable amount of time.  So it isn't unusual that there isn't a lot to report at this time.  In light of the amount of time this process takes, Garmann/Miller is being very cautious on where suggested projects occur as to not waste the District's funds.


January 9, 2019


The Board would like to thank everyone who attended the board meeting on January 8, 2019.  The input received was very valuable and appreciated!  Please feel free to reach out to any board member and express your thoughts as we work through the process of making long-term decisions for the students of our schools.  We can't do this alone and welcome your comments and ideas!   Contact information for the board can be found HERE!

During the Board meeting held on this date, the Board heard a presentation from Garmann/Miller that explained the process they followed while performing an assessment of the facilities of the District.  Garmann/Miller also distributed to the Board the results of that assessment.  Click on the links below to view the presentation and the facilities assessment information.


Power-Point Presentation          Elementary School Report

Middle School Report                 High School Report       

Summary Report


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