Protect Your Lucas Teenager from Becoming a Victim

Your teenager may be a victim of the Internet by providing personal information that exposes himself/herself to on-line predators such as sexual predators and identity thieves.

Inputting personal information and pictures into free web sites that promote chat rooms and blogging, tolerate vulgar language and pictures, and become the medium for hate sites is a free pass for perverted adults.

Parents must become actively involved in monitoring their teenager’s use of the Internet in order to protect their teenager from serious unintended consequences. Teenagers do not realize how serious of a threat this is to them.

Yet there are safe ways for teenagers to participate in blogging, etc.

Parents need to protect their children! Please visit the link below to help you as a parent to protect your teenager from on-line predators.

FBI Guide to Internet Safety


Recent legislation requires schools to make school safety provisions more visible and available to all school employees as well as the community.

Below is a power Point Presentation about

Lucas School Safety

Ohio Homeland Security reminds Ohioans to contact the toll free terrorism tipline at 1-877-647-4683 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to report any suspicious activity.

How do parents discuss Homeland Security Alerts with their children? The following web site may be very helpful to parents. 

Here are a few links to sites concerning School Safety and Security.

National School Safety and Security Services

National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center

Preventing Violence Through Education, Networking, and Technical Assistance

Prevention at School (stop bullying)

A School Violence Prevention Strategy

U.S. Department of Justice: Violence in Schools

Safe Youth. Safe Schools (CDC)

School Safety and Security