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Identifying Children with Disabilities

Identifying Children with Disabilities

School districts throughout Ohio continue to identify, locate and evaluate all children with disabilities, birth through 21. For children birth through age two, a disability means that child has a delay in one or more of the following developmental areas: adaptive behavior, cognition, communication, physical development, sensory development and/or social or emotional development.

For children ages three through five, a disability means that child has a documented deficit in one or more of the following developmental areas: communication skills, hearing abilities, motor functioning, social-emotional/behavior functioning or vision abilities.

For school-age students, a disability means a person having one or more conditions such as autism, developmental handicap, hearing handicap, multi-handicap, orthopedically and/or other health handicap, severe behavior handicap, speech and language handicap, specific learning disability, traumatic brain injury or visual handicap.

Many unidentified children with disabilities are preschoolers.

If you know of a child who you think may have a disability, please contact: Lucas Local Schools Board Office, 84 Lucas North Rd., Lucas OH 44843, 419-892-2338.

Lucas Local Schools also invites public input on use of IDEA (Individuals with Disabilities Act) funds for special education students. Interested parties may call the Treasurer at 419-892-2338 ext. 213.
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